Kindergarten Teacher

As an educator, entering my 12th year of teaching, I am thrilled to be a part of Children’s House Montessori School.  My husband, and I moved to Fort Collins in 2004 and have since become the parents of two wonderful boys, ages six and three.  We love to spend time outdoors exploring our beautiful surroundings and have found Fort Collins to be the perfect town to enjoy our family life.  I feel very fortunate to be the kindergarten teacher at Children’s House Montessori, where I can encourage my students to explore their world and their interests in a way that is most meaningful to them.  By observing the interests and strengths of the children, I am able to honor them by guiding their learning in a respectful way.  This respect for one another is the foundation of our classroom community.  It is within this community that the children feel safe and comfortable to open themselves up to learning.

Katy Spiller